Squash / plopblob #1

Squash / plopblob #1


The first official plopblob. This one reminds me of an Autumn gourd that has rotted in place. It’s hard to capture the ugly beauty of this one. The glaze has matte and shiny splashes with slight color changes from putty to rusty orange. Beautiful on it’s own or with small flower cuttings.

Type of Object: Bud Vase

Size: “5 1/2” diameter X 2 3/4” tall, opening 1 3/16“

Clay body: Brown Clay with Grog

Glaze: Gloss black and Autumn Rust

Collection Description: plopblob

This collection is about making sound and action tangible in an object. These organic, natural shapes are reminiscent of fermenting bread, cow patties, or spores. The weight and “ugliness” of these biomorphic sculptural vases enhance the delicacy and beauty of the flowers they hold.

Care Instructions: Please hand wash.

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