Smooth Brown / ToMCM #1

Smooth Brown / ToMCM #1


This is a large conical vase made of a beautiful cool, dark brown clay. The center holds water and the half-rounds are closed in the back. The smooth, gloss glaze is tinted in shades of brown with very subtle streaks of cream.

Type of Object: Vase

Size: 4 5/8” diameter x 9“ height, 1 1/2” opening

Clay body: Brown Clay with Grog

Glaze: Autumn Rust and Cranberry Purple

Collection Description: ToMCM

This collection is my Take On Midcentury Modern (ToMCM). My aim is to create a contemporary collection of ceramics that builds on the defining features of midcentury design: unpretentious, easy to live with, asymmetrical, textured, and geometrically abstract.

Care Instructions: Please hand wash and do not completely submerge in water.

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