Blue Rock / plopblob #4

Blue Rock / plopblob #4


This is a play on opposites. I’m playing with angular and rounded shapes within the same object. The matte electric blue is bold while the slightly glossy pink and raw clay is calming.

Type of Object: Sculpture

Size: 9 5/8“ width x 10“ length x 7“ height

Clay body: Brown Speckled

Glaze color: Underglaze of Electric Blue and Pink with Snow White

Collection Description: plopblob

This collection is about making sound and action tangible in an object. These organic, natural shapes are reminiscent of fermenting bread, cow patties, or spores. The weight and “ugliness” of these biomorphic sculptures enhance the beauty that surrounds them.

Care Instructions:When needed lightly sweep with a feather duster or dust with dry or a slightly damp cloth.

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